Finnius McCade

A former navy airship pilot from Brelia that has set out to seek fame and fortune.


Ensign’s Naval Short Blade: A blade that has seen action, though not all in the service of the navy. It has one standard enhancement slot, but with a little bit of work, more could be added. It has a small yellow orb currently inset.

Effect: on a hit, 65% chance to stun the target; on 85% it will 1d4 lightning damage.


Former ensign of the Royal Brelian Navy. He is currently an airship pilot with out a ship. Finnius is a skilled airship pilot by any standards, but has a reputation of pulling the impossible and rather insane.

After being “discharged” after the war, Finn attempted to us his skill set to make a living but found it quite boring, not enough excitement. And not wanting to turn to a life of “pure crime” Finn decided to try his luck at adventuring. The first group fell apart before they even left port. The second group didn’t fair to much better. Now on his was back to Callenea to contemplate what to do next.

Finnius aspires for fame and fortune and an airship of his own one day.

Quiet and reserved to most people but once a friendship is forged he is loyal to the core. Anyone outside of the group is not trusted easily. Mostly looking out for himself except when loyalty has been earned. Though he does tend to loosen up when he has been drinking.

Finnius McCade

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